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We are dedicated to rescuing stray animals in the state of Alabama. We serve Walker County and all domestic animals, including cats and dogs. Your support provides vital resources for at-risk animals.

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Our Programs

We offer a variety of spay / neuter programs to help stray animals in Walker County, Alabama.

Community Spay Program

Snip it Tickets Program

Foster Program

Rescue Services Program

About the Community Spay Neuter Program

The Nothing but Love Canine Foundation Community Spay Program assists with financial support for spay & neuter services for rescue dogs in need.

This program is made possible by our friends at:
Alabama Spay Neuter in Irondale
2721 Crestwood Blvd
Birmingham, AL 35210

Male Cat Neuter: $41

Female Cat Spay: $56

Feral Cat Spay / Neuter plus rabies / ear tip: $50 (must come in trap)

Male Dog Neuter: $56

Female Dog Spay: $71

Note: Spay/Neuter Prices are subject to change and may change without notice. Please confirm pricing with AL Spay/Neuter at the time you make your appointment. 

About the Snip It Tickets Program

Ordering Information for Snip It Tickets

To order: Please send us: Name, Address, Phone Number, Number of Tickets needed (please specify whether you need male or female or cat or dog). Send the appropriate amount from above to purchase your ticket to Venmo @RUFFspayneuter or by check at PO Box 736, Parrish, AL 35580. Once payment is received, voucher will be sent to you by mail.

When you receive your voucher, you will need to call Alabama Spay/Neuter and make an appointment at either (205) 956-0012 or (877) 334-9738. When you make the appointment, you need to let Alabama Spay/Neuter know you have a Snip-It Ticket to pay for the surgery. The clinic will set up your appointment, and you will be dealing with them from that point forward. Rabies is required by AL state law. Animal must either have proof of rabies vaccine (certificate, not tag), or you will have to pay $23 for the vaccine.

We have no say in appointment times with the clinic. Once you receive the ticket from us, you will be responsible for scheduling your appointment, getting your pet there, and picking it up.